Black Out Smokey Eye

First & foremost, I apologize for my shocking effort with blogging the past couple of months! I have been up to my eyes with a whole ton of college & personal stuff. BUT I am back now and determined to blog consistently from now on. I thought on my return I would show you how I achieve this super smokey blacked out eye that I use a whole lot, especially when I go out last minute and don’t have long to get ready (literally the worst thing in the world right?) The look is very dramatic and I think its great used on nights out and parties etc, but you can wear it absolutely any time you want, which is the best part about makeup. Okay so less of the nonsense this is how I achieved my look!


(TIP: I only put a little bit of foundation on at the start to even out the skin tone I also do this incase of any fall down, so I can just wipe it away easily and not feel guilty about wasting product!)

1: Next I fill in my eyebrows just so I can perfect the shape of my eyeshadow, I then took my Barry M eye pencil in white and used this under the brow to highlight, but you can use any white eyeshadow or pencil of your choice.

2:Next your going to want to take your bronzer of choice, I used sleek contour kit which is so affordable and great quality I blended this on the brow bone quite high and only used very little product to create a smooth application and if I needed more colour intensity I would add a little bit more at a time.

3: Grab any dark brown you have, I’m using MAC handwritten, keep your eye open and blend just at the crease of your eye. Don’t blend this fully into your warm brown as you still want to be able to see this colour, again, little product will do the trick for this, think of it as fading gradually into the warm brown instead of completely blended.

4: Take your black eye shadow I’m using a black from a rimmel palette which I love, pack this on the eyelid to create a super dark look. line your upper and lower lash line and waterline to make sure it is completely black out. I like to use a little bit of brown under my eye to keep the warmth.

5: Take a mascara of your choice or falsies stick them on, I usually then wipe down any fall out under my eyes and re apply my foundation/concelar. finish with your favorite bronzer and blush and your good to go!

What do you think? Would you ever wear this look? What are your smokey eye tips, I would luuurv to hear back! Lots & lots of love,

Jordan xxxx


Beachy Hair Tutorial


Lately I’ve been trying to switch up my hair game, I usually use not much more than a hairspray and some sea salt and always GHD my hair into curls. I really wanted a bit of a change recently and have always envied girls that can keep their hair straight, due to the thickness and waviness of my hair it never stays perfectly poker. So I’ve been trying out a few new hair styles. This is one I love, straight but still messy, so it doesn’t matter if kinks appear here and there. It’s quick and super easy to do! Here’s how I achieve a beachy look with straight-ish hair!

1.firstly wash your hair with Lush “Big Shampoo”, this sea salt shampoo is uuhh-mazing and will leave your hair with the right amount of volume ad shine for this look
2. I like to wait for my hair to be a least a little bit dry before I start blow drying it. I normally start doing my makeup etc. Then I spray Bumble and Bumble “Styling Lotion” generously to the ends of my hair. This just heat protects my hair and allows it to be styled easier I then use Bumble and Bumble “Thickening Spray“on my roots to give me a lift .
3. I rough dry my hair until its about 3 quarters dry I then rub Bumble and Bumble Straight Blowdry onto the ends of my hair. I don’t put this at the top because for this look its only the ends we want to look soft and straight
4. Once I’m finished drying my hair I use my ghd to straighten the ends of my hair I then grab the top pieces of my hair as if I’m going to curl them and stop just mid ear or under. With this look nothing needs to be precise so take pieces as large and small as you want.
5: When you’ve done that all over your going to look a little cray until you grab some salt spray I use Surf Spray by bumble and bumble again and spray into your hair, use scrunching motions with your hands to great a rough and ready look.
Viola, you’ve got a super easy relaxed beachy style! I’ve been absolutely loving this look! What way do you wear your hair? Would you try out this look? I’d love to know!
Lots & lots of love Jordan!

Bridal Makeup



While I once again have to apologise for being MIA I can promise that I will try to be a lot more consistent through the holidays and into the New Year. Rant over.

Anyways two weeks ago I did my first ever photo shoot in LA Creative for my portfolio. The two looks that I did were Bridal and Natural. I had such a great time doing both and I was delighted with the end result. I decided to do a blog post on what products I used on my beautiful model Ali and why they would be good to use on the actual big day!

I firstly primed Ali’s skin with Illamasqua Matt Primer I used this because it is a mattifier which is great for when lots of pictures will be taken, as often a dewy finish in photographs can look a little sweaty, and nobody wants to be a sweaty bride.. eeek! This also ensures the brides makeup will last all day which is vital for a long wedding day.

I used MAC Face & Body foundation all over Ali’s skin as this has no SPF in it. SPF in foundations can very often react with the flash of the camera and give you the dreaded “Ghost Face” (your face is paler than your body.)

I concealed Ali with Sleek concealer kit in the shade Medium. I also used MAC prep + prime highlighter in Light Boost. I used this on all the high points on Ali’s face to highlight instead of using a glitter product which can photograph a bit “sweaty” again.

For powder I used MAC blot powder in medium (it suits nearly everyone) as this has no talc and therefore will not give u any sort of “ghost face.” It is also keeps the skin matte all day, soaks up that oil like nothing else!

On Ali’s eyes I used the 15 piece Neutral Palette from LA Creative and since these don’t have names I’ve managed to put little stars on the ones which I used. I kept everything very matte and just used a colour with a slight sheen to it on Ali’s lid and highlighted the brow bone and tear duct with a matte white. I then did a thin line of Gel Eyeliner from Maybeline and stuck on some individual eyelashes by Kiss (which are a bargain from pennys!) for a thicker end result.

Lastly I used Topshop Innocent lipstick and LA creative Super Gloss in the colour clear I’m not normally a big fan of lipgloss but for a wedding day I find its important to remember you have something on your lips by the wetness of the gloss. With a Matte Lipstick its very easy to forget its on, and that it may smudge or need topping up etc.

Finish with your favourite bronzer and blush and your ready to go and put a ring on it!

The main idea when I think of Bridal Makeup is keep it matte, long lasting and timeless.

P.s The photos have not been re-touched it is just an instagram filter.

Lots & Lots of Love,



Sleek Make-Up comes to Ireland!


IMG_5621 IMG_5620

When walking into boots last week I stumbled across a new sleek range (SHRIEEEK) for you’s that don’t know sleek is a British company that unfortunately was until recently only available for us Leprechaun to order!

So even in my broke state I thought I just had to pick some pieces up right? I picked up the “Concealer and Corrector Palette” in the shade 2, this comes with two different colours, a lighter colour which I would say is very light even with no fake tan on, and a darker colour. I mix the two of these depending on what colour I am aka, fake tanned or not! The consistency is very creamy, but quite thick, they are easy to blend out because they are so creamy. I like to blend them out with a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush  and for those areas that need a bit more coverage I pat it on with my fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush. I absolutely love this concealer it has a great amount of build-able coverage and it also comes with a finishing powder which allows your concealer. This concealer has quickly became on of my favorite concealers,  even competing with my ever so loved MAC Pro Longwear! I would definetly re-purchase this concealer especially with the price being only €9.99.

I secondly Purchases this Sleek blush in “Life’s a Peach” its a warm peachy/orangey colour which could look intimidating to some, and I admit I was a little apprehensive that was too much of a summery look. But once on the skin it gives a lovely golden-y look, which reminds me of the Autumn leaves. It applies so easily and easily transform a really simple look. I think its a great winter colour and at only  €5.49  a pop I cant complain. Overall I think sleek is an amazing brand with such high quality products in such a low price range, I am delighted to have it in Ireland! What are your thoughts on sleek? Have you tried sleek before? Id love to hear back! All sleek products are Available on and p.s my sleek eyeliner review will be coming verrry soon!

Lots & lots of love,



Maybelline Brow Drama Review.

IMG_5299 IMG_5300

I’m a big fan of enchanting brows, infact when I think back a couple of years to when I didn’t fill in my blonde brows I cringe. Having blonde eyebrows really means I need to take the time to find the right colour because it totally transforms my look. Ill be the first to admit that I am rather sceptical about high street eyebrow tools, just for the simple fact there new, and I’ve had a few orange brows experiences. But when I saw that one of my favourite bloggers I Covet Thee recommended it, I thought I’d give it a go. I bought it in light brown as I couldn’t find a blonde one. Not much colour comes off this product at all in my opinion. I use it more as a setting gel to make sure my brows stay in place all day. I really like using this product over powder or pencil that is already in my eyebrows. Alone I don’t feel it’s great at shaping or colouring in my eyebrows. I enjoy using this product but I’m not sure I would buy this again. A similar clear brow gel could probably do the same job for the aul brows.  What do you think? Have you tried Maybelline Brow Drama? Any great tips for brows? Id love to hear back,

Maybelline Brow drama retails in boots for €7.49 & is available to buy online here.

Lots & Lots of love,

Jordan xxxx

Oh Deer-y Me!

IMG_5120 IMG_5121

When l saw Shannon O Brien’s deer look randomly on google I fell in love with this look! So simple yet super cute so I was ecstatic when I found her YouTube page with the deer tutorial, which you can watch here! I found the steps quite easy to follow I had a few changes I would  make for the actual night if I decide to do this look! This is my take on it, what do you think of this look? Would you try something like this? Let me know!

Products used
Black & White Snazaroo face paint, available in the “Art N Hobby” shop.
Eyelure lashes in no, 151 (My new faves! review v. soon)


IMG_5099 IMG_5101

After watching Sunday nights x factor, with a great preformance from Katy Perry (roar) I was inspired to try out a tiger look. This  look is so simple to do and I only used three items to achieve this look! I began with orange face paint all around the left hand side of my upper face, I didn’t want to make it too neat I just made the circle with a Real Techniques foundation brush. After this I drew on some squiggly black lines with black face paint and an angled brush. I then repeated this on the lower half of my face on the right hand side. After this I dusted a bit of MAC gold deposit mineralise skin finish to add a bit of sparkle to the look! I simply painted my lips black with the same face paint I had used on the stripes! Finish with your favourite loose powder and your favourite eye makeup and your ready to rooaaaar! Happy Halloween guys, would you consider this look? Would you like video tutorials? Let me know!

Lots & Lots of love,
Jordan xxxx

Easy Peasy Halloween Look!

IMG_4886 IMG_4880IMG_4879

I know Halloween can send people in a tizzy, costumes are expensive, bangers are annoying and its always freezing cold in Ireland. I’am a halloween lover and truly stick to making my own costumes and finding bargains! But I know, as I have experienced in the past, becoming a character for Halloween night on a time limit can be challenging! But I’am here to help. This look will take you from a mere mortal day look, to a racy leopard in no time!

1: The Eyes- Work with whatever liner you already have on, extend it out into a wing on the outer and inner corner of your eye, to add a feline exaggerated look. If you don’t have liner on already & are feeling apprehensive about the wing, simply place a plaster or some selotape at a sharp angle facing at about 10pm (think of a clock) follow that line, remove the plaster or selotape and you’ve cheated a perfect straight flick! I kept the eyes very bronzy. I used a MAC Matte Bronzing Powder on the lid and MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow all the way up to my brow bone.

2: The Skin- I really liked the idea of keeping the skin very bronzy and even a bit dare I say orangey to match my eyes. I just worked with the blush and foundation I already had on and starting to really contour using my MAC Matte Bronzing Powder again. After this I applied some of the MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow on my cheekbone all the way up to join my brow bone.

3: The Lips- I decided to keep in with the browny gold feel, as I felt it added a lot of oopmh compared to a normal pink pout I used MAC Yash lipstick which is a matte nude/brown colour I then patted MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow on the center of my lips

4:- The Leopard Spots- So much easier to do than what they look. Start by drawing semi circles and small full circles above the eyebrows (or anywhere you please) once you have your desired shape grab a small brush and lightly pat brown eyeshadow into the circles & semi circles. It looks a bit crazy before the eyeshadow is added. I used Maybeline Gel Eyeliner & MAC Tempting Eyeshadow. Tip: stay away from purple toned browns which will take away the leopard look!

So there you have it. A look that I promise will take you no time and look really effective and  it is still such a pretty look! With very little products used I hope this helps all the busy bodies at Halloween this year! P.s the lace ears are from Pennys and only cost €2, Bargain!

Lots & lots of love,



House Of Holland Heartbreaker False Nails


Firstly, apologies for going AWOL on the blogsphere, I have been busy with college etc  lazy anyways, I’m back now and I’ve given myself a kick up the derrière and will be posting frequently!

I saw these nails on a few instagrams a couple weeks back and I fell in love with them! As I’m trying to avoid putting acrylics on to strength my nails, seeing these little falseys with my beloved stiletto shape I thought they would be a great alternative. So when my mum bought me them as a surprise I was delighted!
When I began applying these nails I found the sizes weren’t great, I find this with most disposable falsies as I have quite small fingers/nails, but I just persevered & applied them which was very quick and they only needed a slight file. The nails were very long in length, longer that what I’m used to and I found the simple things in life like texting, and buttoning buttons a tad difficult. In terms of longevity I found that they nails didn’t fly off across the room as much as normal falsies do! (This only happened once..) and when tested on a night out, I came home with 9 nails an impressive sight compared to coming home with one pinky left on, which has happened! Infact, I had them on for a pretty impressive 7 whole days

I would defiently recommend these for a little bit of a change and a treat for yourself. They are only disposables so the longness, the re-gluing and the not so great sizing I can live with! Take a peek at the other styles of nails that available too right here! 
Have you tried the house of holland nails? What do you think? I’d love to hear back!

P.S The House Of Holland nails are available in boots for about €10 I cant get the specific cost because they are not available on boots online, apologies! 

Lots & lots of love,
Jordan xxxx

Skin-care Savoirs!


When it comes to skincare I live by a very “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto. I like products that don’t contain too many ingredients and are gentle. All of these products have been longtime  favorites of mine, and I truly believe without them my skin would be a much worse version of itself! Read down below to see what my skincare saviors could do for you!

Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel 

I love this La Roche Posay cleanser although it is for oily skin and I would only really say I have an oily T-zone, I have been through tons of these cleansers. Its great for blemish prone skin, but is not as harsh as some other brands that are directly advertised as “spot busters”. Its a great gentle product that always leaves me 100% cleansed.

Effaclar Purifying Micellar Water

Again from La Roche Posay, I use this Purifying Water as a toner and to take the bulk of my makeup off before using my cleanser. Its a lovely gentle water that can really make make-up budge and I love the fresh feeling when using it as a toner before my moisturizer.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover

lI find that simple products especially for eyes are amazing for the simple fact their so gentle, there is nothing unnecessary added. I use this with two cotton pads to remove all traces of eye make up before cleansing and I am never left with a stingy eye!

Simple Makeup Wipes

The ONLY wipes I use, these are so great for sensitive skin, other wipes make my face quite red & inflamed, leave my skin feeling puffy and dry. I try to only use wipes after a not so sober night out. I use two of these take all my makeup off and I’m feeling fresh as a daisy the morning after.. (Kinda)

Olay Beauty Fluid

Firstly, let me say my mum uses this moisturizer, my sister uses this moisturizer and my nanny used it too. I used to rob my nanny’s when I was a little girl because I loved the scent, years later I still use it. Probably the only moisturizer that contains perfume which doesn’t irritate my skin. It leaves my skin feeling über hydrated without a greasy film to it. I love it instead of a primer!


I must hail whoever invented sudocrem, literally the fixer of everything. Although sometimes sudocrem can be a little weak for me for fighting blemishes I have to say I really love having it handy incase a tiny spot pops up, I love the fact that its antiseptic so it ensures no extra bacteria will infect the blemish. If I feel I need something stronger to really zing the bugger of a spot out I will use a stronger product. But I like to try with sudocrem first and keep it on all day if I’m having a lazy day!

Isotrexin Gel

Before I mention anything about this product, it is a prescription only product. Isotrexin is an acne gel. It contains two active ingredients, isotretinoin, which is a form of vitamin A and erythromycin, which is an antibiotic. Basically it is prescribed to anyone who is suffering from acne, it loosens blackheads so that spots do not become cystic (those annoying ones under the skin!) and so the skins oil glands can function normally and stop over producing. I was prescribed this gel back in April after getting a terrible random outburst of cystic acne. I applied this every night. It makes the skin a little tight and burns a little. After a few months I saw heaps of improvement. I keep a tube handy incase If ever I suffer from a bad flare. I would 100% recommend this for acne sufferers not only did it clear my skin, it gave me my confidence back!

Have you got any skincare favorites? Whats your must have product? Let me know!

Lots&Lots of Love,

Jordan xxxx